Sometimes I forget…

And sometimes I’m just too darn tired. bleh. I haven’t been sleeping well this week and it catches up with me at night. I really wanted to blog and be witty tonight, but it’s just not happening. I’ll give you the final two HOF layouts instead.

I See You…another freebie. I didn’t start this one as a HOF layout, I just wanted to use the orange paper. It actually came from a wedding invitation we got a while ago. Then I just went crazy with the flowers.

In love… Engaged…the last freebie. A simple one, but I wanted the focus to stay on the pictures.

Wade has the day off tomorrow. So either I will have some pictures of something fun we did, or I will have at least one new layout to show you. It all depends on the weather and my mojo. Off to bed for this tired momma.

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