How did it get to be Friday already?!?!

But thank goodness it is! I thought I would update the blog here before my weekend festivities begin.

I know some of you wanted to know what the journaling said on the “Kiss” page, so I will put it here….

Journaling: Cousins. 3 ½ months apart in age. Both as cute as you can be. It made perfect sense that you would be the flower-girl and ring-bearer for the wedding. That sweet kiss was just icing on the cake.

Assignment B. I should have posted this last night, but I was too tired after watching Grey’s, so you get it now. *wink* This assignment was to use at least 3 4×6 photos, a title, an accent, and a journaling block.

Journaling reads: I wish I knew if you will ever truly be friends. Occasionally I can get all three of you happy enough to sit together and take a cute picture. I wonder if it sends the wrong message, though. “We really like each other and regularly sit together entwined, smiling and singing Kum ba yah.” Yeah, right. It’s more like, “He’s got my rock book!” or “It’s my turn to pick the movie!” or “He HURT me!” And you can best believe there is whining involved. I can admit that there are times that I see you three having fun together. (Mostly when you are conspiring to do something you aren’t supposed to do…) Those times are so few and far between. I wish that I had something to compare it to. I wish I had a crystal ball to know that you three would be ok. I wish I knew that you all would become the best of friends. For now, you are brothers, and you do love each other. And that is enough.

And since I probably will be packing for my Saturday all day crop this evening, I will go ahead and give you the page I was going to do tonight.

Assignment C. Journal your passion. It’s about photography. Was that a surprise? LOL!

Journaling reads:

“You can’t stop here, Mom. This is not a picture place,” Tyler said. And then Avery said something that really made me think. He said, “Every place is a picture place, Tyler.” How can a four year old be so profound and so right? Does he understand that life is made up of these little moments of time? That we can choose to capture these little moments in our minds and on film? These little ordinary moments that we make extraordinary are so important. This was exactly one of those moments. We were driving on a little dirt road up to our campsite in Wyoming when we saw this huge cumulonimbus cloud. When Wade pulled the van to the side of the road, the boys had this conversation. What could have been an ‘ordinary’ cloud picture became an ‘extraordinary’ exchange between my boys and food for thought for me. Taking pictures is powerful. And I love to do it. It fuels something deep in my soul.

Have a great weekend!! I’ll see you back on the blog Sunday night (hopefully….).



3 thoughts on “How did it get to be Friday already?!?!

  1. Heather,
    Don’t you know that little boys (and girls)have an insight that we adults lose somewhere along the way.
    If we are fortunate enough to regain it through art, music or just a simple cloud formation, then we can find our way back to that time. I often find myself in a state of mind that allows me opportunities to take advantage of those “simple moments” in time.
    I appreciate them all & appreciate you sharing yours with us.

    Love always,

  2. I just want to say the cloud picture is amazing! I would love to have a larger copy of that to put in my living room!!!! Good thing I know the photographer.

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