It's all over.

And no calls for me. I’m a little sad, but not devastated. I have 10 amazing pieces of art that I am so proud of. And now I get to share them with you….one at a time, of course.

The first. My entry for assignment A. This assignment asked for an inventive technique. I came across mine quite by accident. I was making this layout and I wanted to print my journaling on the patterned paper. The paper was a little too dark, so I thought I would lighten it a bit. I used a little bit of white paint and water to whitewash the paper. Once it dried, it was light enough to be able to read the computer printing. It was originally going to be one of my “freebie” pages. But my fellow scrappers convinced me that it was perfect for the technique assignment.

(You have to know that I am in a generous mood… This is also a page for Holly’s wedding album. I wasn’t going to share any of these, you know. *wink*)

3 thoughts on “It's all over.

  1. Heather,
    All of your REAL FANS are right here waiting to see your submissions for the contest. We have been going through “withdrawal” and are needing a “fix”.
    Please forward the Rx ASAP!
    Love always,

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