The Grammys tonight…

were kind of disappointing. So sad. There were a few highlights, but overall not appealing to me. One of the main reasons was the sound quality. Totally crappy. It’s the Grammys, people. We are watching for the music. Wouldn’t it be good to be able to *hear* it!! UGH! Enough of that….

I’ve been in a creative mood this weekend! I finished two layouts and have the journaling for a third done. I think sending off my Hall of Fame entry has worked miracles for my mojo. LOL!

The first was just something I wanted to try. The title is made by cutting out the “white space” between the letters that make up the title. I love how it looks on this picture.

This next one is for my journaling challenge this week. The challenge was to journal in three separate places on your layout. The picture was taken last summer on our camping trip to Wyoming.

HOF countdown…33 more days.

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