Tyler is well.

I know you all want to know. *wink* I called his asthma nurse today to fill her in on how he is doing and check on his blood test results. We talked about where we go from here with his medications. We have an appointment scheduled with his pediatrician on the 5th of October to check his progress. I’ve also scheduled an appointment with the Allergy and Asthma specialist on the 16th of October. He will get a more extensive and specific allergy test to see exactly what he is allergic to. Speaking of…the results were not in for his blood test from Tuesday. Bummer. So, I have to call back on Monday to see if they are ready. Until then, it is business as usual around here except for the addition of medication.

I tried to get back to normal today, so I scrapped. TWO pages!! Both pages about my sweet little Madison. I got a nice box of scrapping goodies from winning third place in a contest on Scrapper’s Bliss, a scrappy website that I like to visit. The only thing about the goodies…they were ALL PINK! LOL!! I guess I was lucky that I went to Georgia and snapped some pictures of my little girlie girl.

2 thoughts on “Tyler is well.

  1. you can totally use pink for boys. i mean they might show it to their shrink later in life and say that’s when all the problems started but you can still use pink now while they’re fine. 😛

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