Tyler has asthma.

I need to get used to saying this. It is now our reality.

Tyler is doing very well. He did go back to school today, and did very well. I was braced for a call from the school, but it never came. He went to swim lessons today, too. I let his instructor know. His instructor said that his sister and father have asthma, so he is very familiar with it. It’s almost funny…Tyler did better at swim lessons today than he’s done all session. I’m so proud of my little boo.

So now we have a whole bunch of meds that he’s taking. Some once a day, some twice a day, some every four hours. Some are short term, some are long term. We’ll get the hang of it eventually. I just never want him to go through all that craziness ever again.

Now all we are waiting on is the results of his blood test. (He had a blood test at his doctor visit. He was amazing! He didn’t even flinch when she poked him!) The blood test is an allergy test to see if Tyler is allergic to our cat. All of the doctors and nurses seem to think that is his main problem. I will call the nurse tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning and see if they have those results.

Thanks for bearing with me. This thing has kind of consumed us all. Love to you all!

2 thoughts on “Tyler has asthma.

  1. I hope he is really feeling better. I know about the cat thing so if that’s it I really feel for him. I cannot breathe around cats anymore. After about an hour my chest hurts and it is hard to breathe. I really hope that’s not it because I know how your kitty is a part of the family.

    I love you and I will call you soon.
    Give Tyler (and all the rest of the boys) a kiss from me and Madison.

  2. oh honey i’m so sorry you are going thru this.

    hang in there my friend. email me if you need anything…chocolate chip cookies, a living “mirror”…whatever.


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