Brighter spots from this past weekend.

The #1 reason I love ‘get-away’ weekends…? I love to see Wade out of his normal element. Away from the computer. Getting out in the woods. Exploring with the boys. The boys absolutely eat it up. And so do I. Wade taught the boys how to fish this summer. Wade is not a big fisherman, but he knows enough to put the rod together and bait the hook. And that is all the boys need. That, and daddy time. I really wish that the weather would cooperate one of these days so the boys could have more time fishing with daddy. But then I know that we have time. Next summer there will be more camping, fishing, hiking, and exploring. I can’t wait!! (Although, if the forcast says 30% chance of rain, remind me to stay home and try again the following weekend.) Here is a pic of the fishing trip that got cut short by that storm cloud that I posted a pic of yesterday…

Here is a (not so good) pic of the love of my life from our Saturday hike. Please help me convince him that I need to take some *good* shots…

So…I haven’t created a page in about a week. I’ve been *SO* busy! But I was talking to Holly yesterday and I got a little weepy when she was telling me about Madison and her dress for the wedding. I can’t wait to get there in November and take some pictures of her!! It reminded me about this page that I did about Madison. It’s one of my favorite pages ever.

4 thoughts on “Brighter spots from this past weekend.

  1. Okay, I’ve never seen that page, I’m at work, looking for a kleenex, you should warn your mom! The waterworks are flowing, now. Love you. Later

  2. I would like a color copy of this page to frame and hang on her wall. How about you make another one with all 3 of her cousins and her aunt and uncle for that same wall. I love you. And I am with mom. You should warn about kleenex moments. She’s so much bigger than that now. They really grow up fast.

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