Why can't I blog earlier in the day??

Good grief. It’s 11pm here. I am exhausted. I would LOVE to have 8 hours of sleep. So why can’t I seem to make myself blog during the day??? Nothing exciting to report today. Except!!! I got a page done today!! Yay! There is a call for pages about chocolate that ends tomorrow. I think I have a fairly interesting angle… It doesn’t say that it can’t be posted anywhere, so I think I’ll share it with you all.

(please ignore the two different browns at the top. My scanner hates when there is anything ‘lumpy’ on the page. The journaling reads:

fruit of theThis is where it all begins. The fruit of the cacao tree. An unassuming green shell that contains the mother of all that is sweet and delicious in my world. From that shell comes the cacao beans that are processed into the finest of foods…chocolate. There is just so much that you can do with chocolate. Cookies. Brownies. Cakes. Pies. Ice Cream. Chocolate milk. Johnny Depp even made a movie about it! Now that is perfection.)

The picture I want to share today, I can’t believe I haven’t shared yet! I took it at the Botanic Gardens a couple of weeks ago. The boys think that it’s the rainforest, but it’s just the Tropical Conservatory (or “humidity house” as Tyler calls it). So cool…

And now, I am going to sleep. G’night, y’all!

One thought on “Why can't I blog earlier in the day??

  1. that picture looks like it was taken in some tropical forrest in the amazon. 🙂

    and I have to agree with you about chocolate, it’s the perfect food!

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