I am looking forward to saying this a little less when school starts. It seems like that was all I said this summer. I keep telling them that is why she likes to bite/scratch/attack them. They won’t leave her alone! Argh!

I went shopping this evening. All school supplies have been purchased. We’ll take them in on Thursday or Friday…whenever we go in to update the school info and pick up Tyler’s student handbook. The amount of stuff that a second grader needs is just mind-boggling! I also bought a gray card!! Yeah…you can look at me like I’ve lost my mind. It’s a photography tool… I’m going to see if it helps. Hopefully tomorrow I can find some time to work with my camera and find a willing subject.

My pictures today are from the Botanic Gardens. These are some water lilies. The pics are ok. A little too bright. That is what I’m hoping my gray card will fix. Enjoy!

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