All photography, all the time.

First of all…I love my crop girlies. I had such a great time yesterday! We talked, we laughed, we ate, we laughed, we ate, we laughed some more….oh, and we cropped some, too. heehee. I didn’t get to put the finishing touches on any of my pages today, so those will have to wait until tomorrow. Instead, we went to the Botanic Gardens today. I was hoping to work some with my camera. I did get to work, but not so much on people. The boys are getting SO tired of having me stick my camera in their face. Totally understandable, but a little frustrating at the same time. I think I have figured out my exposure problem. I need a better way to meter the light where I shoot. I’ve been doing it wrong! Tomorrow I am going to try some different things and see how my pics come out. I’ve got 5 pictures from today that came out ok after a little post processing…haha!

Some peppers that Wade pointed out to me. AMAZING color!!

Benji could not be outdone by his big brother…

Tyler at lunch just after we arrived at the gardens…he was already done with me taking pictures. ugh.

Avery was the only one who would pose on a bench for me.

This was something I was trying out. It was really very cute. My mistake was shooting with so much light behind them. Gotta think on this one some more…

On another note…one more week until school starts! Tyler is very excited to be a second grader!!

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