I haven’t done the whole “fall” thing yet. My tree in the front yard turns colors and sheds it’s leaves so fast, I couldn’t catch it. My tree in the backyard takes its sweet time. Actually there are still quite a few green leaves still on it! But it is mostly turned, so I thought I would document it. First of all, I have a love affair with this tree. It is a snowgoose cherry. When we got it, the trunk’s diameter was barely an inch. That was four summers ago. It is now almost 3″ in diameter! In the spring it is covered with the most beautiful white blossoms. And in the fall, the colors are reds and yellows. I have loved this little tree since we planted it. And worried nonstop through all of the wet spring snow storms and crazy winds that we get here. I just knew that my little underdog wouldn’t make it. But here it is! The thought of moving away from my house and my little tree just makes me want to cry. Good thing that’s quite a few years away. (Of course, by then I will be even *more* obsessed!) The second pic is of one of the frog statues that sits under the tree. This is one of my favorites! I love my froggies!

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  1. wonderful job on the fall photo…and I love the story about your tree. the froggies are the cutest aren’t they? I took a few pics the other day of some that a neighbor has on her front steps…now I think I need my own little froggies!

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