This is what I am doing today… I’m planning and designing my holiday cards. I’ve pulled out my Stampin’ Up catalogs to browse through, and taken out any stamp sets that have any Christmas/holiday/winter theme to them. (Nine sets, if you’re counting….a little less than 1/4th of my whole collection of stamps.) I’m going over to a friend’s house later to brainstorm with a fellow cardmaker, and hopefully come up with a stellar design that won’t take me forever to mass produce. We usually like to get our cards out in the mail by the week after Thanksgiving…that gives me about three weeks to get these done. I can do that! *grin*

7 thoughts on “11-9-05

  1. Good for you on getting to work on your cards. I have the photo but no card inspiration to go along with it!You are inspiring me to get to work-being a store owner my family expects the handmade greeting each year and I try to get them out right after turkey day too! TFS. Kelley

  2. What a great photo- I agree it should be an ad for stampin up! I love their catalog- it is a great place for ideas. Need to start thinking about my Xmas cards also!!

    -Lynn ( Lynnday01)

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