Theme Thursday. Every Thursday there will be a theme for our photo of the day. Well, today’s assignment was to take a picture of someone eating. As I have about 1000 pictures of the boys eating already, I thought I’d take it a step further. I photographed the aftermath. The aftermath is the mess of dishes that always seems to pile up after a meal. After breakfast, we always rush around to get dressed and ready to take Tyler to school. After lunch, I am trying to get Benji down for a nap and Avery interested in something quiet. After dinner is bathtime for the boys, and usually classtime for me. When do the dishes EVER get done?!?!?! They do…eventually. There is always a calm time sometime during the day that someone will get around to loading the dishwasher. (That amazing invention gets used at least once a day in our house!!) So, here is my full sink. I really must go and load the dishwasher… At least I emptied it this morning!
dishes in sink
(Playing a little with depth of field here…)

Edited to Add: this picture is for the benefit of my dear husband…and his wise crack commentary…
clean sink
I think this one came out a little different looking…the dishes weren’t there in the forground to focus on, so the focus shifted somewhat back to the things behind the sink… hmmm….

15 thoughts on “11-3-05

  1. Hey honey,
    This looks real familiar! I envy your talents, especially the one that allows you to accomplish so much even while raising three little boys.
    Keep up the good work. Your photography is really interesting.
    Love always & give my love to the guys.

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