Can’t do a long post now…gotta run to Sams Club. Why do those boys insist on eating?!?!?

But I also know you guys are waiting on pins and needles….

Check it out!!!


from the other direction…and without dust in the air. oy. (This is obviously not the final floor plan, either…we need to do the baseboards before final placement of furniture.)


Wade finishing up the last rows under the fridge.


Kitchen with table and chairs (and messy counters…)


One last spot that needs to be done. Next weekend….


Time for chores!

12 thoughts on “squeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  1. Wow! How’d you score so high?
    A husband, a father, Volkswagen mechanic and craftsman!
    Not to mention, intelligent, goodlooking, kind, thrifty,
    reverent, omnipresent, provocative and clairvoyant.
    Great job by the way!!!!!
    Love you,

  2. OMG! In a word, the floor is absolutely stunning!
    Beautiful job. I’ve just spent the last 24-hours assemblig 2 Bookcases and 2 Storage Cabinets from IKEA. Love the quality of their assemble-it-yourself furniture.

  3. Hey…next time you are in town I think I will have a couple of projects ready to go for you two! Great work and it really is stunning! I love it!

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