It's here! It's here!!

Ok…first you have to forgive the mess in the house. It’s summer you know! The good news is…

Our flooring is here!!!!!!! We went and picked it up today. I can’t believe it! I just had to take a few planks out and take some pictures. lol!

Check it out!! What you can’t really see all that well is the handscraped loveliness. I love it!


23 boxes of flooring. In my living room. For the next 10 days. We have to let it sit and ‘breathe’ for a bit before installing. Not to mention there is a whole heck of a lot research to do on how to install, how to take out the existing flooring, what to do with said flooring. But, fingers crossed, we should have a new floor installed by the end of the month!


I know you all have been waiting patiently for pics of the rest of the improvements. Here are some pics of Wade’s handiwork. Our new blue walls and our new crown moulding. (We need new lamp shades…on my to-do list for sure.)


A little more of the living room. Our new curtains. I am working on a valance right now. That’s why there is a piece of wood over the window. *wink*


This is the fabric for the valance.


Another view toward the stairs.


The wall into the kitchen. You can see our new metal art piece.


I fell in love with this piece at the Renaissance Festival in Georgia, and when we found it at a booth here in Colorado at the Ren Fest, we just had to have it! Here’s a closer look… The blue color is not a reflection of the walls…it’s actually a finish on the metal!


And here’s the kitchen! Cabinets done. Backsplash done. Can’t wait to see it with the floors!


I have got to go get some sleep. I taught three classes in the last two days, and I am beat!

5 thoughts on “It's here! It's here!!

  1. WOW! What a difference. Everything looks great!
    You both did an excellent job and that crown moulding really completes the look. Good job!
    The metal wall sculpture is very nice.
    Keep us up to date on the flooring project.
    Love always,

  2. WOW! Everything is looking Oh, So Good!
    But, looks like those 23 boxes of flooring may be putting a bit of a squeeze on Wii play space. 😉
    Congratulations and keep us posted.

    Grandma & Grandpa

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! so glad you picked that color for the floors, it’s going to compliment everything so perfectly. i had not seen/heard the ideas for the tile on the backsplash – that looks AMAZING!!! and the metal wall art is simply perfect. good for you heather! ENJOY!

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