Crafty catch up

It’s been so long since I posted any of my crafty work here. Actually toward the end of the year I wasn’t doing much crafting at all. I’ve been doing a little more since the new year began and feeling much better for it.

I’ve been helping out Mary Kay at her store (Scrapbook Destination) doing some make and takes, cards and such. “Frenzy days” as they are called are always so much fun! Here are a few cards I worked up…


and a more masculine version of the flower card above…


Something new I learned while at CHA in California last month. They called it a “bag bib.” You put it over the handles of a gift bag instead of using tissue paper. (We replaced the green bag with a smaller white bag at the make and take day.)


Over at the Journaler’s Junction, we’ve been doing some really fun challenges. This past week Ducky challenged us to journal a “tip or trick.” This one was fun to do…


The week before…I challenged everyone to journal about their BFF. I did my page about my newest BFF. I met her in California…


(yes. That is the real Paris Hilton.)

And now I am going to get a foot rub. I earned it. I called both the winner and the loser of Top Chef tonight. I will not list them here for fear that Christyn has not watched it yet. But let’s just say…I was happy. *smile*

5 thoughts on “Crafty catch up

  1. Heather,
    Are you for REAL!
    How did you NOT mention this earlier?
    Okay, in the words of “Paris” herself, “That’s hot!”
    (Kelly made me say that)
    Love always,

  2. I called it, too. Well, more like DEMANDED it. Before they announced the loser I was SHOUTING the name at the TV. SO relieved it was not the second-obvious choice, as I think that chef should win it all (last night’s dish notwithstanding).

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