Day Five: Hitting the Wall

We had to say goodbye to our campsite on day five. Such a peaceful morning shot. I thought I would get a couple of shots of the boys on our last morning in the woods. Tyler was up early for his poptart treat.

Avery and Benji, on the other hand…

This tree was just begging to have his picture taken. It was the biggest, tallest tree in our campsite area. Also one of the reasons I was so scared during that thunderstorm night…yikes!

After breakfast and packing up the car, we headed out for our excursion for the day…A trip to Wall Drug! Oh my gosh. Talk about sensory overload. The place is one huge tourist trap! But we had four hours to kill before we could check in at the cabin, so we thought it would be fun to go get lost in the crazy. When we got there, we needed to call Grandma and Grandpa to find out where they were. (They had cell service, we didn’t.) The sign above the phone made me snicker.

Waiting for Grandma and Grandpa…

Brace yourselves for pure cheese. The Wall Drug backyard was **FULL** of cheesy things to take your picture with…like this ginormous jackalope….wha??

Of course, Wall Drug is famous for their free ice water…we had to get some. (yes, they are sitting on a one ton petrified log.)

I got a kick out of this…

Ah. T-Rex. He looks so calm and unassuming…

But every 12 minutes he gets a little agitated…

Yeah….more cheese….

Hey look! It’s Grandma!

Avery would not let us leave until I took his picture with the bears.

When we left Wall, we had plans to check out the Badlands. Our plan was to start at the end of the loop that was closest to Wall and if it wasn’t that exciting we could turn around and not drive the whole loop. Can you guess which option we chose…

The beauty in the Badlands took my breath away. Stunning. Just stunning.

Thanks to Grandpa for taking this family portrait. Can you tell who was not having fun? LOL!

Day Six: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee coming soon!

9 thoughts on “Day Five: Hitting the Wall

  1. Every morning before I start my day at work, I make it a point to read the family blog! I have really enjoyed hearing about this trip and seeing all these wonderful pictures. Thanks for taking the time Heather!

  2. Loved seeing the photos of my old stomping grounds… Isn’t Wall Drug a hoot? I didn’t have kids with, though– that would be even more fun. Maybe we need to consider it as a destination, too!

  3. Looking at these pictures makes me even more certain you should enter that photo contest. I love the one with the flower. Amazing!

    Your sister!

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