Perfect day for the zoo.

Not too hot. Beautiful sunny Colorado day. We got there when the zoo opened at 9 am and got to see so many of the animals out and about.

We started out at the lions. They were in a smaller enclosure (usually used for females and babies) while the zookeepers were cleaning their usual space. This made for some really close up viewing. The boys were ecstatic! Here the lions were really eager to get back into their space and the one lion is on his hind legs in the doorway.

Here is one of the lions staring Avery down like he’s thinking about a mid-morning snack…

I love this pic (despite the slight reflection from the glass)…

We came around the corner to see this…*I* thought he was dead….but he was just sleeping. LOL!

We were looking at this beautiful bird when we heard the lions roaring on the other side of the zoo.

The most exciting picture capture for me today….the red panda! I don’t remember a time when I’ve seen it out and about like this. I took full advantage. Check out this cute mug!

These hippos are always fighting! (Just ask Ducky!) This time they were fighting in the water…

Penguins! *smile*

These two looked like love birds sharing a secret…

Avery spotted this sloth up in the trees in the bird house. Can you see him?

Look what Benji did for the first time by himself… So bittersweet for Mommy. Doesn’t he look like he’s having fun?!?!?

My favorite animals at the zoo…

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