Things my children say…

Or in this instance…Avery. I was scrapping today (yeah, I was) and was listening to music, I guess, rather loudly. I obviously did not hear Avery crying. He came into my studio holding a pillow to his head. I asked him what was wrong, and as I was looking at a little bruise already coming up on his temple, he said, “Benji dropped a statue of Horus on my head!” I could barely kiss his little head for trying not to laugh my butt off. And then I promptly sent Benji to his room for dropping statues of Egyptian gods on his brother’s head. lol

The masterpiece I was working on at the time is one for the Journaling challenge this week. Steph’s challenge was to journal about food…

My ducky friend has challenged us to blog about how someone else has influenced our scrapping… Stay tuned for that tomorrow. I need some time to do my research. *wink*

4 thoughts on “Things my children say…

  1. Well, now… it’s not every day that a fellow gets a statue of Horus dropped on his head.

    That sounds like something that would transpire in my house! (Only I’d have gone, “WHO??”)

  2. LOL! As for the layout, I don’t know what I love more, the layout itself or the fact that there’s nary a green vegetable in sight! 🙂

  3. Love the lo! I like how your journaling swirls around the food. I wish, though, that I could have a bite of the brownie and ice cream!

    The boys… how funny. And just where did they get an egytian god statue?! Is Avery okay?

  4. I didn’t even notice the lack of veggies. tell vivian you hide broccoli in the brownies.

    : grin : at the horse bruise. I have notebooks filled with crazy kid statements.

    yesterday he said, “I’m the smallest boy in my class.” … pause … “did you take clarinex before I was born?” (no idea what clarinex is.) I said, “you’re exactly perfectly sized. you just happen to have 3 boys (in his class of 8) who are taller than average.” and I told him about the chart at the doctor’s office and how he’s always been right on the black line at every check-up.

    and I denied ever using “clarinex”.

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