Alone time.

I spent some alone time today. I was supposed to spend it ‘nourishing my inner artist’ but I think I am bad at just going somewhere and absorbing. I must always be *doing* something. I decided to make some cards. I love making cards. It really is therapeutic. I get in a zen like state and just put paper and embellishments together and the cards start stacking up. I took along a list of calls for Cards magazine and crafted away. Seven cards later and I feel like I really accomplished something!

Yes, I’m blogging early tonight. I think I am going to snuggle on the couch with Wade for awhile tonight…maybe watch a movie and get a foot rub. That should nourish my inner artist a little… *wink*

4 thoughts on “Alone time.

  1. you inspire me cute girl! all of my supplies are IN boxes these days – LITERALLY…..pout. enjoy your snuggle time and have a great week. thanks for the great big hugs, i REALLY needed that! hugs, rach

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