Fun day at swim lessons.

At the end of each six week session, the boys get to have a fun day. They have a huge dolphin slide that they put in the pool and the kids can climb up and slide into the deep end.

Avery was first up…(if you look closely, you can see him giving the ‘rock on’ sign. LOL!)

Sadly, 10 minutes into the 30 minute session, he got a bloody nose (no bonks, just a sensitive nose) and had to sit next to me for the rest of the time. Poor guy.

Here’s Tyler at the top, ready to jump down…

He was traveling too fast for my little camera to catch…

Benji is climbing up…

My littlest fish…they won’t let him swim in the deep end without the life jacket yet. (I’m actually quite grateful for that…)

As for me…the sky was beautiful today. It was an amazing blue, and the clouds were so fluffy. I wanted to breathe in the blue.

I must have been inspired by the bright sky…I made this card. (MK, I actually made this to send to a friend…if you would like one for the store, I’ll make one for you.) It’s more Chatterbox paper and a stamp that my sweet friend Rachel gave to me on Saturday. She is so, so kind to me.

and now it is a race to see if I can get in bed before 11…..

5 thoughts on “Fun day at swim lessons.

  1. Poor Avery! How hard it must have been for him to have to sit and watch. That slide sure looks like fun.

    Love the blue sky. It doesn’t even look real. Gotta love Colorado!

  2. awwwwwwwww, poor avery!!! wow, what a slide, they didn’t have these when we took swim lessons 1000 years ago – hee, hee! in fact, i was thrown into the deep end very early into swim lessons, no wonder i’m somewhat afraid of water – grrrrr! good pairing of the cb papers for the card, so glad you liked the stamps and are putting them to good use! hugs and happy weekend, rachel

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