Sooooooo tired.

I’ve been getting up at 5:45 am every day to do my morning pages. And then I had a really great class tonight. So much fun and lots of energy. And now I am drained. I got a few things done for my crop on Saturday. Did I mention that?? I get to hang out with so many of my favorite scrappers on Saturday at a fantastic store in Ft. Collins. I can’t wait! But there is still so much I have to do. I need to pack for this crop. Ugh. So not my favorite part of a crop. Tomorrow I’m taking the kids to the movies. They have the day off. I predict that I will not have time to rest until sometime on Sunday… LOL!

(I was going to mention the weather today…but I decided that I didn’t want to whine about it again. Lucky you, huh? *wink*)

2 thoughts on “Sooooooo tired.

  1. but i DO want to whine about the weather – HA! OR i DO want to whine about packing for saturday – ARGH! living out of boxes does not help one to pack for a crop. looking forward to seeing you on saturday though! happy friday, happy weekend. HUGE hugs, rach p.s. can you tell i don’t do mornings well either…….

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