Hodge podge, catch up

I forgot that I didn’t give you all an update on Tyler’s braces! After a little bit of a traumatic office visit, Tyler finally has a mouth full of metal. This is his expander. It will widen out his top jaw and fix the crossbite.


And the braces. He’s so proud. His first choice for colors…navy blue and pink. (Pink is his favorite color, you know.)


I think Sunday sparked something in me… My creativity has returned. I have vowed to do something creative every day. It makes me feel good. It releases happy endorphins in my brain. I hope that I can keep it up. Here’s what I created on Tuesday…

A beaded badge holder that I made from a kit I brought home from CHA. It’s so pretty!


This was from Monday. Lovin’ this one. *wink*


And I made a card tonight! I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it, though. I’ll have to share tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Hodge podge, catch up

  1. Sorry, here is that comment, i was just looking and thought that was an interesting thing to try. Very cool pics they fit you all really well. i would’ve written something just wanted to try that site real quick. Love you all…and sis, if you’re not busy tmw afternoon/evening, i’ll call ya and catch up a bit.


  2. Hey, spiffy badge holder, now I need you to show me how to make mine! I love the GC layout, I always thought that I couldn’t do much with that paper, but girl you rocked it. Hope all is well in the land of The Queen.

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