Tyler learns a lesson.



plus this….


equals this….


Tyler is *forever* leaving things in his pockets. Now, I know… *I* could check pockets before I wash clothes. *BUT* three boys times 7 days, each with a pair of pants and sometimes shirts with pockets…you do the math. I *refuse* to check each and every pocket that goes in the wash. I expect the boys to check their pockets each night when they take off their clothes. Yesterday, I opened the dryer to find *every* piece of clothing had little black dots. The culprit…a marker that one of Tyler’s friends had given him. Guess who got to “spray and wash” every shirt and pair of pants in the load? Sobbing the whole time because his *favorite* shirts and pants were ruined. Let’s see if this lesson sticks….

3 thoughts on “Tyler learns a lesson.

  1. Oh My, Oh My …
    Let’s do hope this is a lesson well learned.

    A word to the wise…
    Don’t ever wash and dry Mom & Dad’s clothes with the boys’ clothes! 😉

  2. oh goodness…I hope he does learn his lesson, better than I have. I swear I do this 1x per year. grr. Had fun catching up on your blog, must remember to come more often, love the snow machining adventure story and pics.

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