Surprised to see me here?

I am too, to tell you the truth. I have about a million things that I should be doing, but I thought I should get on here and tell you that we are all doing well. I am just now starting to get more into the spirit of the holidays and climbing out of the dumps that I’ve been in. I was just looking at recent pictures I have taken and thought I’d share this year’s Parade of Lights with you all.

The Parade of Lights is an annual parade in downtown Denver usually the first weekend of December. It symbolizes the beginning of the holiday season. The parade is packed with marching bands and floats all decked out in Christmas lights. Yes…the bands are decked with lights. They get so creative! The parade this year was on the first of December. We went with a few friends and sat in the freezing cold and drank hot chocolate. Great fun was had by all! *wink* Actually, I think this is the first year that all three of the boys enjoyed themselves and didn’t cry or complain about being cold. They are growing up so much! Here are some pics…

Tyler being silly in his hat…


Benji being silly in his glasses…


Avery and Mommy keeping warm… (just realized we got NO pics of daddy…how sad…)


One of the marching bands all lit up…


This ship had fishermen and fish walking alongside…


The Nutcracker float (Benji knows the Nutcracker Suite music and loves it!)…


Rudolph (one of the balloons in the parade)…


And last (but certainly not least) SANTA!


In more recent news… Wade took all of us (me and the boys) to a live taping of ETown (an NPR variety show) last night that featured Brandi Carlile! He bought the tickets for my birthday…I just love that man! Brandi was AMAZING! And because it was a live taping, and most of the crowd was there for either the other act (Marc Cohn) or the NPR aspect of it, the concert hall was so *quiet*. It was so fantastic to be able to hear her voice without all of the noise of a regular concert crowd. Brandi was amazingly gracious and funny in her interview portion of the show…I loved that part. But my most favorite part was after the concert when she stayed and signed autographs and took pics with her fans. She chatted with the boys and remembered seeing them the last time she was here. Tyler actually talked to her this time! (Oh man…I just remembered that I never posted about the last meeting….Guess I’ll do that soon. I even made a scrapbook page about it!) Anyway…It was my turn to get my pic made with Brandi since the last time I was behind the camera. Can you tell I was excited???


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