New pics of the boys

It’s been awhile since this place has seen an update, and I thought I’d steal the opportunity to post up some mew pictures of the boys that Heather took on Monday, October 15. I was walking home from getting off the bus after work and came upon Heather and the boys out on the driveway with the backdrop set up and the photo shoot wrapping up. I think the results are pretty impressive, but I’m a bit biased toward the subjects and the photographer.

Three Boys Tyler Avery Benji

4 thoughts on “New pics of the boys

  1. It’s amazing how quickly they grow up and change. Of course I’m prejudice regarding the subjects and the photographer! Good job Heather and the boys. Love you all. Nana (Momma)

  2. Okay…..I can’t be held responsible for how long it’s been since your last “update”. I won’t take responsibility for Wade “stealing” anything. I can sympathize with Wade for the distance from the bus stop to the driveway of your home.But…..I can take pride in all of you and 1/2 the credit for creating the photographer. Let’s all give ourselves a well deserved “pat on the back!”
    Love you all,
    Dad “AKA” Poppy

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