I've been too busy creating…

to blog. Good news for me…not so good news for you faithful readers. Sorry about that! I’m working on a project for a friend. I’d like to get it done for her and give it to her on Friday. When I get done, I will share. *wink*

For your patience, I am going to load you up with pictures from our trip to the Botanic Gardens this past Sunday. We *finally* got the boys there to see the BIG BUGS! These are huge sculptures of bugs made from recycled wood. In no particular order…

The praying mantis is the first bug you see as you come in the front gate.

Next we saw the ants. There are actually three of them marching across the hill. (yes, I know there are two extra kids in the picture. They belong to a scrappy friend of mine… )

The ladybug…Avery’s *favorite*.

This is a damselfly. Relative to the dragonfly, but totally different.

The dragonfly is going to look **really** cool when they get the pond filled with water.

This is the assassin bug. (So much fun when you have a 5 year old who is trying to sound out every word he sees…imagine it…. ass-ass-in bug. yeah. great… LOL! )

A grasshopper, of course.

And the last bug we saw…the spider. He was tucked away in some trees. We actually had to ask one of the ladies at the information desk where he was. And of course by that time the boys were having no part of smiling for the camera. *sigh*

Here are some of the boys…just because… The boys not having any fun…

The boys having a little TOO much fun…

The boys just being cute…

And that, my friends, will be it for tonight. It is way past my bedtime.

2 thoughts on “I've been too busy creating…

  1. So I think I don’t want boys because I don’t like bugs. The other night we were watching Planet Earth and it was all about bugs. We fast forwarded through those scenes.

  2. Heather,
    These are great photos especially of the boys!
    I have them on my camera phone as the “Three Amigos”

    I sent an email to heather [at] chindimples.com
    Just checking to see if you received it.

    Love always,

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