Life Happens.

First of all, I want to say thank you to Amanda and Paulette for checking on me. *smile* I’m OK. Life has just taken over. I got in the bed on Sunday and told Wade that I hadn’t blogged since Wednesday. He said, “Life happens. It’s ok.” I know, but I still feel guilty.

Last Thursday was Wade’s birthday. We spent the evening having a little ice cream and watching Grey’s Anatomy. We celebrated on Saturday by going out to an Improv show and out to eat. The show was so much fun! And dinner was delicious.

I was going to blog earlier today, but our photo gallery decided to go belly up. Wade is *still* working on trying to fix it. I thought about waiting until I could post up some pictures, but then I decided I just needed to get on here and let you all know that we are all ok over here. When I get my photo gallery back, I will share some fun stuff. And now….back to ‘life.’

3 thoughts on “Life Happens.

  1. Heather,
    I am glad to know ya’ll are okay. I just assumed that you were busy with the boys, the new photography biz, scrap booking,(is that one word or two?)diggin’out of all the snow, Jazzecise, being a wife, a mother a biz’ness woman. How could we expect you to find time to fulfill our expectations and need for “BLOG” and photos? I’m going through withdrawal myself.
    Apparently so is Amanda & Paulette.

    Love always,

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