We eat turkey tomorrow!


I am up entirely too late tonight. Wade and I have been working on the business since the boys went to bed at 8…it is now 11:23. The website is coming along very nicely. I have Holly’s galleries up (which reminds me…I need to e-mail her that info… eeeks!) and she can share those as she sees fit. When she says it is ok, I will share some of my favorites with you here. I am working on the order from the first wedding I did back in October. And then I have only one other customer that is waiting for a gallery. All of this to say…. If I owe you an e-mail…I *promise* I’m not ignoring you!! I will e-mail you soon!! I love you all for standing beside me and behind me in my life and in my new venture. Thank you for your support. (Just a little commercial humor there…)

Hope to have some turkey pictures for you tomorrow. Good night, y’all!

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