Trick or Treat.

Smell my feet. …or not. Halloween night in Colorado is always an experience. Last night was no different. It was just above freezing at trick or treat time, so we had to bundle the boys up under their costumes. We’ve learned to buy costumes a little big here just for that reason. BUT before we could get out the door to go trick or treating, we had to convince Benji that he really *did* want to be Superman and not a police man like his brothers. FINALLY, after suggesting that he wear the policeman badge (that my dad sent home with me from my last trip) on his Superman costume. That did the trick! So, without further ado…here are my little goblins. All sweet and nice, and then acting like themselves. LOL!!

(Please excuse the less than stellar flash photography… I’m hoping that my new flash will be here soon so I can practice with it before Holly’s wedding.)

4 thoughts on “Trick or Treat.

  1. Not that Tyler would know who this person is but he looks kinda looks like Barney Fife in the second picture. 🙂 Too cute though. I can’t wait to see them all dressed up in their tuxes.


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