First snow.

It snowed today. We got a good inch or so. The streets are slushy and wet, but the grass has a nice white coating. I really don’t know why I was so surprised. It always snows before Avery’s birthday, even if it’s just a light snow shower. So…since tomorrow is Avery’s day, it just *had* to snow today. Oh well. Just makes it all the better that we are going to make some brownies tomorrow. Warm up the kitchen with the oven. Warm up our bellies with a little chocolate goodness. I just can’t believe my little bug will be 5 tomorrow. *sniff* I will probably cry a few times. I’m such a sap like that. I really hope to take some pictures tomorrow. I *must* make a LO about this major milestone!! Tomorrow will be a day of pictures and scrapbook pages….stay tuned!

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