I started a photography class.

*******Edit!!! Andie has alerted me to some flaws in my thinking. 😉 Hey, I’m still learning. So…ISO does not equal shutter speed. But I still did the assignment correct. I’ve corrected all of my pics (the labeling) and my thinking in the post. Thanks, Andie!!!***********
And I think it’s going to be great!! A very sweet lady from the website I frequent most (the Pub at Two Peas in a Bucket), Andie Smith has started a blog that will have weekly photography lessons and homework. This is *so* right up my alley!! I need help learning my camera. She has the knowledge. And she is willing to provide this knowledge for free!! I think I’m going to have to make her some cookies… So. Our first assignment was about shutter speed and how it affects your pictures. We were to go outside. Set our aperture to a fixed number (f/16) and the ISO to a fixed number (100) and play with the shutter speed. (Was that all greek to you? It was to me, too, about a month ago! I’m learning!!) The sutter speed controls how much light is let in to the camera by how fast it opens and closes. It is measured in 1/? of a second. 1/40s is slower than 1/400s. So, with a fixed aperture (the size of the hole that lets the light into the camera) and changing the shutter speed, you let in different amounts of light. Slower speed (1/40) will let in more light because it stays open longer. Faster shutter speed (1/400) will let in less light and therefor make a darker picture. Now that I have reasoned all of that out, let me show you the proof!! (Keep in mind, these pictures were taken outside, *full* sun.) Sorry they are not of a more interesting subject. I was trying to keep an eye on the kids while doing my ‘assignment.’ The dandylion was a close and willing subject.

According to the camera, the last picture was the ‘correct’ exposure for this shot. Thank you for listening to all of my babble, if you made it this far!! I’m looking forward to next weeks lesson already!

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  2. I actually understood most of that before you explained it. I feel so smart. Looks like working for a Movie Theatre has actually paid off since all that jargon applies to our projectors too!!

    Your little sister who misses you!!!

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