Tabby Baby

Our newest addition. Wade decided that he wanted a cat for his birthday. We were going to go to the shelter this weekend to pick one up. Well….we didn’t have to wait that long! One of my students happened to need to give away her cat (for health reasons for her daughter), so we went and picked her up today! She is totally curious, as she should be at 6 months old and in a new place. She is ***SO*** cute! The boys are over the moon with her. And, she’s got her daddy wrapped around her little paw. Her name actually came from my dad! I told him that she was a tabby, and he said “That’s her name! T for Tyler, A for Avery, and B for Benji…..TABby!” But I just couldn’t give up on the “Baby” nickname…it also fits with the boys’ nicknames…Boo, Bug, Bear, and now BABY! So Tabby Baby it is!! It’s going to be fun getting used to having a kitty in the house again. Wade thinks she is going to be a great nap buddy… heehee So, as usual…here are some pics!!!
Tabby Baby herself….isn’t she the cutest?!?!?!
Wrapped up with daddy…already her favorite place.
Tabby and the boys.

5 thoughts on “Tabby Baby

  1. She is adorable! Wahhh, makes me want another kitty baby.
    Our cat is totally in control of Daddy too. He will actually get out of his favorite chair if Katie want’s to sit in it.

  2. Aww makes me want a kitten. But we had 3, Kitty who was 18 had to be put down earlier in the year, She was a good kitty. Lockinvar and Sassy are brother and sister and are 11. I’d have to wait until they were gone to get another kitten. Have fun, keep sharing pics.

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