41 pounds gone a.k.a. reaching my weight loss goal

I felt the need to post today, as I have finally reached my weight loss goal!

I started my journey in January at 166 pounds. I am 5’1″. I was feeling uncomfortable in my skin. I was feeling uncomfortable at my job teaching Jazzercise. I felt that it was a time for a change. We started eliminating many processed foods from our diet. And the biggest change…we started eating appropriate portion sizes. (I say ‘we’ because I eventually convinced Wade to join me on this journey.) I have not denied myself any foods. I knew from experience that would be a big failure for me. But I know now that I can have 1 1/2 cups of my favorite corn chowder not the 4-5 cups that I was having previously.

Yes, seriously, that’s what I was eating. I would justify it. “I’m teaching an extra class this week, I can afford to eat…” whatever it was I was trying to justify. The more I exercised, the more I justified eating whatever the heck I wanted to. While I am not counting calories in the traditional sense, I now know generally what is going in and what is being expended (exercise, daily life) each day.

This lifestyle change (because that’s really what it is…) didn’t happen overnight. I took my time and did it slowly because I knew that’s what it would take for it to stick. 41 pounds in 9 months is grueling. Some weeks I saw little to no change at all. And there were weeks where I gained back a pound or two. I’m not going to lie…those weeks were disappointing. I felt very grateful in those weeks for my support system and all of my friends and family that kept me going. Support and encouragement are so important. My heartfelt thanks to all who helped and encouraged me. <3

I am sure there is more that I should say, but sometimes a picture *is* worth a thousand words…

February 9, at 161 lbs having already lost 5 pounds on my journey, and October 5, at 125 lbs. 41 lbs gone.

Now…bring on my 20 year high school reunion! 😉