Christmas was lovely!

We all had a lovely Christmas day and we are still enjoying having Grandma and Grandpa here to spend some time with us. Just thought I would put a few pictures up here for those waiting so patiently…

Benji on christmas morning with his razor scooter and new lego indiana jones 2 wii game. He was a happy boy.

Tyler with his new bike. He’s a happy boy, but he hasn’t gotten to go out and ride it yet. (too much snow and too cold!)

Santa brought Avery a terrarium and a book about White’s tree frogs. He got right to reading about his (about to be) new pet.

So, without further adieu… We introduce our new family member… Fern the frog. Isn’t she the cutest thing?!?!?

The boys got to take turns holding her for the first time tonight… (she looks like she’s smiling…)

Benji was tickled…literally!

Avery is too happy. He just loves her! He’s already fed her a cricket…now *that’s* love, for real…

No…I did not photoshop this…she changes color! I am sure there will be more of Fern’s adventures to come…

Time for bed…we’re taking down the Christmas decorations tomorrow. xoxo

6 thoughts on “Christmas was lovely!

  1. Wow!!!!!
    I’m most impressed that you were so willing to “hold” Fern. I remember when there was a time that “no way” you would have.
    No love like frog love.
    Love you all!

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