First day of school

Was a total success! I realized today that it has been almost 13 years since I have been a student. I felt like such a ‘n00b’ today…ate lunch by myself, couldn’t find the computer lab, couldn’t figure out how to log into windows once I finally did find the computer lab…oy. And to top it off, my writing finger is *so* sore. Here’s a little recap for ya…

Last night, I gathered all of my school stuff…my new book bag, my new purse (just finished on Sunday), and my new coffee cup (thanks, Arleigh!!!). I think I may have a ‘problem’…I love that fabric so much!


a little closeup of my coffee cup. It’s one of those that you can screw off the bottom and personalize it. I totally had not thought about adding pictures until Wade suggested these…


This morning, we all got up a little early so we can get the boys to before school care and me to class by 7:30 (yes, that’s A.M.). The boys were good sports and all went smoothly. I had Wade take an obligatory first day of school picture…


First class of the day…Speech. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. The four hours actually went by pretty quickly. We learned about the different types of speeches. Then we learned about the speech we would be giving next week. (lol!) And then we got to prepare for the speech we had to give today! I had a really good idea that we would have to do an introductory speech, so I had already been thinking about things I wanted to say. But there was a twist! We had to make a ‘visual aid’ with newsprint and markers. I learned that I am the oldest in my class (by only a year) and I have the most children (the lady that is a year younger than me has two). There are a *lot* of culinary students in my class, and a few photographers. There is also a married couple in there! Our speech for next week is a demonstration speech. I think I am going to demonstrate how to make homemade cookies…

The second half of the day was spent in History of Photography class, ok. The professor is a really nice guy, ok. He gave us a choice, ok, of either having a quiz on each assignment, ok, or having a mid-term and a final, ok. Oh, and he says ‘ok’ a lot, ok. hahahahaha I think I would find it annoying, except that he is a really nice guy and he is actually making this seriously dry subject totally palatable for me. This class was also four hours long, but it really didn’t seem that long, except for the copious amounts of notes that I apparently took. The middle finger on my right hand feels bruised. I have two more chapters to read before next week…

Tomorrow, I have Fundamentals of Design and lunch with Wade. Life is good.

9 thoughts on “First day of school

  1. Congratulations on a great First Day!
    And we love your coordinated trousseau.
    You’ll never be able to lose any of your stuff,
    for your classmates will “just know” that bag or cup belongs to Heather! 😉

    Have Fun!
    Robert & Ginny

  2. You may be the “oldest” age wise, but ummm girly, you look like you fit in perfectly with the college age crowd! ADORABLE, bags and coffee cup! Congrats!!

  3. So, so so proud of you! Glad to here the day went well. Seriously a married couple? are they trust fund babies or just incurring massive debt as a bonding experience? As I read about the Hist. prof I pictured and heard in my head the teacher from South Park…

  4. I am glad your first day went well! I love school!! David and I got our Masters together when we were in Germany, and it was so fun to be a “grown-up” in school. I took it way more seriously, I think.

    Good luck!

  5. I am so excited for you and glad your first day went well. Love you and I will call you, possibly tonight, for a more in-depth discussion.

    Your Loving Sister

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