do me a favor?

go here…. and listen. And then come back here and tell me what you think. What is your favorite song? What didn’t you like? (and it really is ok if you didn’t like it!! I promise!)

Of course I have a million things to say about the new album. But I don’t want to taint your ears. If you leave your comments, I promise to come back tomorrow and give my full review. Deal? *smile*

And to help you visualize, a few pictures of the Brandi Carlile Band from the shows I went to last month.

The band singing “Oh, Dear”


Tim Hanseroth on the guitar.


Josh Neumann on the cello.


Phil Hanseroth on the bass.


Love this one of Brandi.


The band and the new stage set.


This one is from the second night. Open air theater in the Poudre Canyon. It was so cold, but the band still rocked it hard!


Can’t wait to hear what you think of the new album!

3 thoughts on “do me a favor?

  1. I really like Pride & Joy… How come she never comes up on my Indigo Girls Pandora station?

    I can see what you love about her, but, honestly, I’m too old to connect to songs like I used to. 🙂 I remember feeling about Amy & Emily (almost) like you feel about Brandi, though of course I never got to meet them or photograph them. Funny, though– and I didn’t realize this until you asked the question– at 44 I’m just not the person who was moved by songs like I was at 24 or 34.

    Interesting thing to learn about myself…

  2. she came up on my zee avi station when i listen to i’m not drawn to her music like you are, but i think it’s totally fabulous that you are that passionate about her and her music. i LOVE how you get the most amazing photos and how wrapped up you get in the thrill of her concerts. i think it’s great.

  3. Well…so I think my favorite is Before It Breaks. And I like Touching the Ground but they each have a totally different sound. I think I might have to get this one. Great escape music. And I need a little of that. I don’t think Wayne quite understands my need to escape to music. I like to be alone with just me and music I enjoy…..I wonder where I get that from??

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