A. 33 pictures

Q. How many pictures of the boys’ room re-do do I have to show you?

But not tonight. I have them all ready and uploaded, but I am beat. seriously. I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

I do have one picture to show you tonight…

Avery lost a tooth!! Actually, it was really loose and he let Wade pull it with pliers. I was safely in another room. Pulling teeth makes me squeamish. *shiver* To top it all off…his other front tooth is loose. Can you see where this is going….?? Uh, yeah. Avery may be singing “All I Want for Christmas…” in the next couple of weeks! Can you feel the cheesy scrapbook page coming??

I’m off to bed. I will be posting the room re-do tomorrow. I promise.

(pssssssssst…there is a little sneak peek behind Avery’s head…)

3 thoughts on “A. 33 pictures

  1. Madison is going to be so jealous. She has been trying to pull her top 2 front teeth (which are not even close to loose) for the past month in hopes that she could get her new ones for Christmas.

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