He's 7!

Avery turned 7 almost two weeks ago, but we had his party this last Sunday. He wanted a robot party at first, but then changed his mind to a Lego party. I got an idea from my ducky friend and we ran with it. After all of the guests arrived, we dumped a huge pile of legos in the middle of the floor and let the kids build whatever they wanted…and then they got to take their creation home. They all loved it!! Here is a picture of the build-o-rama before they jumped in…

After the party, we took the boys to the pumpkin patch. They would have been heartbroken if we had not gotten pumpkins before the big day! We did not take all of these home, but we had to take a picture of all of the huge pumpkins the boys found.

Tyler with his favorite…

Avery immediately found this huge pumpkin and had to have it…

Benji is more modest in his pick…

The boys carved their pumpkins tonight…but I’ll save those pictures for tomorrow. I’m off to watch Obama on the Daily Show. Good night!

8 thoughts on “He's 7!

  1. It finds its way back to the keyboard “or it gets the hose”.
    (A little “Silence of the Lambs” humor, very little!)
    I know you hate the movie but after all it is Halloween!
    Hug all the guys for us.
    *See you soon!
    Love always,

  2. Those have got to be the coolest Lego cupcakes I have ever seen! It looks like everyone had a good time. Can’t wait to see the Halloween picks.


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