Things are better.

Thank goodness. And thank you to all of you. You keep me sane. Seriously.

We kept Avery busy the rest of the week. Logan was here to play and we had swim lessons and Water World to stay occupied. On Thursday we went to the zoo and bumped into three of his classmates. He was so happy! I think he was missing those guys. So that afternoon he decided he wanted to go get his new backpack and lunchbox and other school supplies! Yay! He is just thrilled. We have had a few more episodes of feeling like he can’t breathe or “a pain in his lung” but they have spaced out considerably. The counselor said that he doesn’t have enough symptoms to be diagnosed as having ‘anxiety’ but that he has a ‘transition disorder with an anxious mood’. haha Poor kid just doesn’t like change.

So, school starts on Tuesday and he goes through moments of being excited about school starting and moments of ‘my lung hurts’… Keep your fingers crossed for us for the next 48 hours. He will be seeing the counselor again. We are going in on Thursday. She told him to bring his favorite stuffed animals and they would play games and draw pictures. He liked that idea.

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for your love and support. It means the world to me. Love to you all!

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