Taking a little break…

in the vacation posting to ask for a few good thoughts for my Avery. Poor guy. He’s been a little anxious about starting back to school. The last few weeks have been tough on the bedtime schedule. Him not wanting to go to sleep because he ‘thinks’ he might ‘have a nightmare.’ We’ve been talking to him a lot about the start of school and how much he loves school, but as soon as the lights go out, he wigs out a little.

Yesterday, though…things got a little worse. Without going into too much detail, he completely wigged out in Target while we were shopping for school supplies. We were in there for 30 minutes and came out without any supplies. I decided it was time to call his pediatrician to see what we should do. After I left a message at the doctor’s office, Avery came into the kitchen to tell me that he felt like he couldn’t breathe. Oh how my heart hurt. I calmed him down and got him interested in a movie to take his mind off of things. The nurse called back and we had a little chat. She talked to the doctor and called me back with the number to Behavioral Health.

I called them this morning and we have an appointment for Avery on Friday. Please send us any good thoughts you have. And if you have any ideas how to *deal* until Friday, I would be so grateful. Thanks and hugs to you all.

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  1. Honey,
    When you and I discussed this earlier today I could sense you were hurting for him. You are a good mother and like all good mothers you will keep reassuring him by loving him and really listening to what he is saying.
    Let him talk it through as much as he is willing.
    You have been through many siuations before and you will get through this one.
    Know that we are all keeping you and Avery in our thoughts.And it goes without saying, but we are here if and when you need us.
    Love always,

  2. Oh sweet boy, my heart hurts for you all just hearing about it. Please, let us know if we can do anything to help. Hugs, sweet girl, lots of hugs.

  3. awwww, HUGE hugs to the little guy and you too heather. my mom had this trick that started a few weeks before school started, seems like it was longer like a month. she would set our alarms to wake-up very early to train us to wake up on time to get to school. a few days she would even have us ‘walk’ (back in the day remember) to school to prepare us for what was to come when school started. i know, WEIRD! but it worked. little did we know that she was training us so that we were up when we had to be and we were not scared to walk on our own to school. so when school started, we were up in a timely manner and out the door. crazy how that works. and i know that you would not use the same tactics now. perhaps you could take avery on ‘field trips’. wake up early, head to the school, hang out at the playground, talk about what will happen and let him discuss openly his feelings with you like he is now. even include a treat in the end. he will look forward to it and put him more at ease maybe. i’m not a doctor by any means. and you are an amazing mom, you have a huge heart and are so strong in heart and soul – you will make it all work! loves to you!!!

  4. Oh man. Poor guy! He is having panic attacks. Does he have a favorite lovie? Can he wear one of Wade’s shirts to bed? Is he willing to do some art before bed? sometimes that draws the feelings out. Fingerpainting, painting, or even clay or playdough. Call your library too and have them pull some books for you.

    You will do great as you always do! Hope something helps.

  5. Oh man, I’m so sorry to hear about Avery having panic attacks! I sure hope they can offer some assistance.
    I wish I had advice for you, but unfortunately I don’t.

    Perhaps keep anything “Back to School” related out of the picture until you are able to get to his appointment Friday? Reminders are everywhere, TV Commercials, Retail Stores, Newspaper and Magazine Ads…. etc Stay away from all of it. Go to the park, keep the TV off, hide the school supplies and keep the “school” talk to a minimum and out of his earshot. Perhaps that will help keep him calm at least for the time being. Just until you can get some advice and guidance from the Doctor. ((((HUGS))))

  6. I am sorry our little guy is feeling so bad. I had the same issues and a child. I can remember one time I stood in the hallway and cried and screamed “You can’t make me go in that room!” Of course, all the other kids were looking at me like I was nuts- and I must have been.
    I agree, keep the school talk at a minimum and let the doctor make some suggestions. The camping trip should take his mind off it so that will be a big help. Maybe he could find something “cool” for show and tell while he is on the camping trip. That might give him something to look forward to instead of dreading it. I also hate that he will have a sub the first few weeks, that may be part of the problem. I know you will all get though this, just have fun for the next few days.
    Tell Avey Grandma and Grandpa love him.

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