I was tagged!

By Vivian

Ten years ago…Summer of ’98. We were looking for our second apartment here in CO because the rent went up drastically on our first. Wade had finished his first year in law school and I was happily working at Children’s Hospital. We had two cats and no kids and life in general was a little up in the air and crazy.

Five things on today’s “to do list”… chores. create. blog. go to Water World. have fun. *smile* three out of five completed is not too bad. I think I could knock of “chores” after I blog if I put my mind to it. *wink*

Snacks I enjoy…too many to count.

Places I have lived… Georgia and Colorado.

I’m supposed to tag 5 people, but I just can’t . *wink*

I have many pictures to share!

First up, some swim pics. The boys have been doing outdoor swim lessons again this summer. I got tired of putting so much sunscreen on, so I got the boys some swim shirts. Here is Tyler mugging his shirt and his new swim cap.

And the other two. Of course they had to make a silly face first…

Here’s Tyler *diving* from the board… (pic taken before swim cap and shirt purchase.)

Avery jumping from the board…

Benji shooting out of the slide…

The next few are pics of Wade’s Father’s Day gift. The boys got him a picnic table that they could assemble together. They painted the pieces with a waterproofing stain last weekend and put it together on Wednesday night.

Here is a pic of our very first ‘picnic’ in our back yard.

I couldn’t resist sharing this last one. Out of focus and over-exposed, but I love it. Wade and I were trying to get dinner on the table, and Tyler was sweet enough to read to Benji to keep him occupied. He was so cute reading to him in a little animated Olivia voice. Gotta love that boy!

8 thoughts on “I was tagged!

  1. GREAT photos heather and the picnic table rocks and did you KNOW that i LOVE olivia??!! i purchased some ‘olivia’ fabric a few weeks ago that i’m going to make into an apron – yeah, go figure – hee, hee! hugs, rach

  2. Heather,
    Don’t you sometimes feel as though you are living a “story book” life,illustrations and all?
    They are all a good lookin’ bunch of guys.
    Love always,

  3. So I have a lot to comment on….

    Tagged: I didn’t know you worked at Children’s nor did I know you owned a cat. Go figure.

    Swim Shirts: I swear by these. I actually have to go buy some new ones C wore his out after two swim seasons.

    Picnic Tables: Great gift boys! We had a picnic table in our backyard when I was growing up and in the late spring and early fall (when I was home in CO) we would always eat breakfast and dinner outside. In fact my favorite picture of our family, pre-divorice, was taken with all of us sitting on the picnic table with our dogs. Wow, that just brought so many wonderful memories to mind. I hope you all enjoy that table for years to come!

  4. I’ve been wondering about these swim shirts, I notice they’re all the rage at our community pool and just couldn’t figure out why,I’ve thought to myself ‘the pool can’t be THAT cold.’ Thanks for shedding light that it’s a sunscreen issue, that makes so much more sense to the childless folks like me.

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