First…For my Ducky friend…I must give you the reactions…

Tyler: “Hey no fair! You said I could have pink in my hair!”

Avery: “Red hair!” Me: “It’s not red.” Avery: “Pink hair!…….I like your hair.”

Benji: “mumblemumbleLegosmumblemumble. I would have blue hair. When your hair is in the light it is pink. When it is not in the light it is purple.”

Wade: *grin* (I think he likes it.)

And now….the unveiling… This taken at dinner…

Wade took this when I got home…

I LOVE it. Eventually it will fade a bit and won’t be so…magenta… But for now, I am enjoying the bright color!

Here are a couple of scrapbook pages I did today at my crop.

4 thoughts on “PINK!!!!

  1. wow! i am flabbergasted. i had no idea this little idea was floating around in your mind…

    i don’t know what else to say 🙂

    pink is perfect for you!

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