Double duty

I accomplished two sets of chores today. Today’s chores and tomorrow’s chores. Avery has his zoo field trip tomorrow and I won’t have time for chores…so they got done today. I also got a wild hair and decided to clean up the fridge. The art and magnets and math pages and spelling lists were getting out of control. Sad to say, I did not get a “before” shot…but here is my shiny, clean fridge now…

I even cleaned the two inches of dust off of the top….oh….my….gosh…. yuck!

Also today…my car battery died. I went out to the car to go get Tyler from school and the car was dead. Thank goodness for Robin. She picked Tyler up from school and then we all piled in her car to go to swim lessons. Wade got a battery on his way home and put it in the car before we even got home. Gotta love that man.

And I just want to say…I realize that I haven’t done my influences post yet. Every time I try to start, I worry about not saying exactly the thing I want to say. These ladies mean so much to me. I want to do it right. So, it’s coming. I promise. Right now, I am going to bed. I am truly exhausted and I have a zoo field trip to look forward to tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “Double duty

  1. Have a great time at the zoo! Oh and when you are done can you come over and tackle my fridge dust too? 🙂 You always inspire me to get stuff done, be it at home or scrappy, you rock girlfriend!

  2. ” Every time I try to start, I worry about not saying exactly the thing I want to say. ”

    oh gosh I didn’t mean it to be a heavy thing. or a chore! sorry!

    try to limit it to just scrapbooking influence – that’s the spirit in which I meant it. and you don’t have to include everyone. I mean like how I reach for thickers more often because of vivian. stuff like that.

    p.s. top of my fridge is clean but the magnet side (the front doesn’t take magnets) is over-stuffed and we knock things off every time we walk by.

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