We got punked!!

heehee. We took the boys to Colorado Mills today to meet our friends Robin, Jon and Logan and to check out a skateboarding/motocross event. They had a half pipe set up and the boys got to watch some really talented skateboarders do some really cool tricks. Along the periphery of the main event there were all kinds of vendors giving out things and providing services. We decided to get in the line to have the boys’ hair done. (I think it was the *slowest* moving line on the face of the planet.) These hairstylists were offering the latest in punk and skater hair styles. People were coming out of there with all kinds of spikes and ‘bro-hawks’ and crazy hair all over their heads. The boys, of course, thought that was so cool! While we were waiting, the boys were taking advantage of the Guitar Hero they had set up. It was so funny to watch them. It was even funnier when they got their hair done and they went *back* to the Guitar Hero. Check out these little punks…

And you have to know that *I* couldn’t stand by and let my kids have all the fun. LOL!

They called those “Punked out Piggies”….PERFECT for me! heehee And then we had to give the ROCK ON sign…

We came home and I wanted to get a shot of me and the boys, but there was only enough battery life in the camera to get one pic. This was it…

When I saw this on the computer, I could not have been more tickled. Gotta love these boys.

9 thoughts on “We got punked!!

  1. love those piggies. i’m wearing pigs for the race. it’s a tradition. ok i’ve only run one race, but i looked so cute with the pigs, i’m all over it for this race. you too? 🙂

  2. That just plain rocks.

    I’ll be showing these to Nat when I get home tonight. She’ll have little pink hearts floating around her head when she gets a load of this!

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