**Soil** softener…

It says “SOIL softener.” You people with your mind in the toilet… *wink* You know I still love ya! I have to blame it all on Wade and his handwriting. It’s not as neat as mine. heehee

I seem to have had all of the blogging sucked right out of me today. I posted this afternoon on Mary Kay’s store blog. Fun with journaling. Or maybe I’m just too exhausted to blog. I’m beginning to wonder if I really do have a thyroid issue. I don’t think I should be so tired so much of the time. Off to bed before the 11 o’clock hour.

2 thoughts on “**Soil** softener…

  1. we JUST planted a veggie garden this past weekend, SO excited! adding to our already classic-cottage established garden that has flowers galore! get that thyroid checked out, i was diagnosed in ’96, let me know if you have any questions. and YES, i’m tired ALL the time. hugs, rachel

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