Whirlwind weekend

Mary Kay’s scrapbook store had it’s first birthday this weekend! I’m just so proud of her and happy for her. I went down to the store to help out with make and takes and just generally help her celebrate. It was fun! I got a bunch of card making done at the crop on Saturday too. I haven’t scanned them in yet, but I’ll share when I do.

This morning, before heading to MK’s store, I drove up to Pearl St. in Boulder to scope out a possible photo shoot site. They have more tulips up there than I have ever seen! (Mind you, I have never been to Holland…) You *know* I took pictures…

Hey….tomorrow is the day! I’m catching up with all of you….and the 100 emails that are waiting for me in my inbox….ugh.

4 thoughts on “Whirlwind weekend

  1. Heather,
    These are great photos! I am amazed at the detail and color saturation of each. Don’t stop sharing the pics.
    Love always,

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