It's like crack.

Reading. It’s like crack. As soon as I can’t have it, that’s all I want to do. And not just the internet sites and my email. I have been craving a novel. I’ve been thinking about some of the great books I have read and I just want to go to my bookshelf and pull one down. Bummer. I spent quite a bit of time in my studio yesterday. Wade was teasing me that if I didn’t get back on the internet that I was going to have a stack two inches thick of pages to scan. He might have been right except that I took the time this morning to scan everything I did last night. LOL! That gives me an idea. I think I *am* going to see how much I get done this week. I’ll take a picture of the stack of pages and projects and impress you all next Monday. *wink* Last night I finished two cards (sorry, can’t post them until they reach their recipients) and two layouts. One from scratch, one was from my crop on Saturday that needed a title and some journaling…

Here is my journaling challenge page for this week. We were challenged to write a six word memoir. Seriously hard to do…

And for Christyn, because I know she is waiting with baited breath…

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that this one did not get picked up, so you get to see it now. (I made this one almost two months ago!) It’s a first day of school page from this past year. *sigh* I can’t believe the school year is almost over!

3 thoughts on “It's like crack.

  1. did you notice the typo in your email auto-reply?

    heh. now you’re going to have to go look.

    I adore your most amazing adventures page, the title is so fuzzy and childrens-book-title-ish. your 6 words are really good. it’s like when you cut into a tree and count the rings. I know what my 6 words are but I haven’t done my page.

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