Everything is well.

If you have tried to email me, you probably got my “vacation” response. I’m not really on vacation. Just taking a little break. I am working on my Artist’s Way tasks and this week I have to deprive myself of reading. (Wade suggested that I exclude emails from my deprivation, but I think it is a slippery slope.) The premise of this exercise is to see what else you can do with your time. Sadly, I do not do much novel reading these days. Most of my ‘reading’ is emails and websites and blogs. And that is why I have to cut out the emails just like I have to cut out the rest. So, those of you with blogs that I read on a daily basis…I will catch up next Monday, I promise. And if you need to reach me, please call. Just because I can’t read your email doesn’t mean I don’t want to talk to you!! If nobody calls I will be very lonely this week. I will try to keep up my blogging, though. I need the writing time. And I don’t want to fall out of the habit. Thanks for understanding!! Next Monday is going to be a reading frenzy!! *wink*
Oh…I found these tulips outside of Benji’s preschool today. Love the color on them…

4 thoughts on “Everything is well.

  1. I miss reading. I was at the ped-dentist with dylan and a mom came in with her 3 kids and cracked open a book while they played. it made me nostalgic for that feeling of getting lost in a good book. I think she felt me staring at her because she looked up at me and smiled. I almost told her how envious I was. so I decided to make that one of my mini-goals: find a good book and bring it with me everywhere.

  2. OH GOODY, i love to read and do it often, YES, even with the move, the new puppy, looking for a new job, training, etc. i’ve even been known to read at stop lights! i belong to a book club where we share a book for free once a month via mail. my logic: if it’s important to me i WILL make time for it. i finally started book one of HP, i KNOW, i’m behind on this certain genre. let me know if you need any good books though. HECK, i’m going to put a book in the mail to you! cheers to reading, a good thing to do heather, you make me proud. HUGE hugs, rach

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