Tuesday is not usually my favorite day.

But today was not bad as Tuesdays go. I wasn’t too stressed out and I actually got to scrap! I’m going to make this a short post. I am so tired I can’t seem to type straight.

First…the obligatory mountain shot. I think this is becoming a ‘thing’ for me. LOL! This is the view from the park down the street. I get this view when I stop at the stop sign.

And this….this makes me a very happy girl….It’s my cherry tree….and it’s blooming!!!!!

And last, but not least….the return of my favorite paper company. Oh, Chatterbox…how do I love thee, let me count the ways… (get out your sunglasses…)

and now it is time for bed. *yawn*

6 thoughts on “Tuesday is not usually my favorite day.

  1. Glad to know you stopped to take the picture! 🙂 Did you put that side note in there just for my benefit? It is a beautiful picture. I will try and call this week.

    I love you.
    Your little Sister!

  2. Love the tree and bird on your lo. Kelly said that you all split up one of those boxes. Too cute!
    I noticed my lilac bush blooming yesterday and my forsthia started blooming last weekend. YEAH!!!!

  3. Love it here, love it on the store blog… just love it! I am more a CBX fan now than I ever was before. And, of course, I continue to be a Heather fan, as ever.

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